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Transportation Prioritization Process
Transportation Prioritization Process
What do you believe is the greatest transportation need for the Greensboro Urban Area? (i.e. roadways, sidewalks, etc.)
Help spread the word. Encourage other Greensboro residents to participate!
Transportation Prioritization Process

The Greensboro Urban Area is considering upcoming transportation projects for years 2020-2029 including new roadway, public transportation, bicycle, pedestrian, rail, and aviation projects. NCDOT will evaluate and score eligible projects using a data driven process called Prioritization 5.0.

The MPO wants YOUR input on which projects are the highest priority and how the highest priority projects should be identified. The MPO staff has created two documents:
Draft Recommended Project List -listing of proposed projects to submit to NCDOT for funding consideration.
Project Ranking Methodology- process to be used to identify the best projects.
You can also check out the full documents at www.guampo.org.

More Info:
P 5.0 Recommended Project List
P 5.0 Project Ranking Methodology
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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